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Bengaluru to see more rains before Diwali

October 20, 2022 6:06 PM |

The city of Bengaluru has been seeing very good rains in the month pof Octover. The city recorded 60 mm if rains in teh last 24 hours.

This month of October is turning out to be the rainiest of the year so far. At the moment, the city has been able to record 311.8 mm of rains. The monthly normal for Bengaluru stands at 168.3 mm of rains.

As far as October rains are concerned, the city has seen third highest rains in the last 11 years. Normally, Bengaluru has seen rains above 300 mm on a couple of occasions, the highest being at 385.2 mm in 2017 and second highest being at 343 mm in 2014.

Rains are expected in the next three to four days and the city may surpass the second highest rains. The Low Pressure forming in the Bay of Bengal which when comes closer to the coast, will drag the rains away from this region including Karnataka. Thus, it seems like rains will spare Bengaluru on Diwali.

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