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Bengaluru Wait Gets Longer, Showers Likely Around Midweek And Later

April 15, 2024 1:39 PM |

Bengaluru had one of the longest dry spells for the city, this season. The last rains were, sometime in the first few days of January this year. In the wake of prolonged dry spells, mercury levels have generally remained above the normal, during the pre-monsoon days. The city touched a maximum of 37.6°C on 06th April 2024. There was a marginal relief on the last weekend when the maximum of under 35°C was recorded on two successive days. The temperature is likely to rise again before the relief showers arrive around midweek.

Most interior parts of the South Peninsula have remained devoid of any significant pre-monsoon activity, this season. The silicon city has missed it completely, so far. The main trigger, the Peninsular India trough has remained dormant, so far, Also, it has been displaced far away from its usual position. There are signs of this seasonal feature getting positioned at its normal place and starting the pre-monsoon activity over the interior parts of Peninsular India.

A cyclonic circulation is marked over Madhya Maharashtra. A north-south trough is linking this to another cyclonic circulation over Comorin region, running across Karnataka and Kerala, slightly west of its normal position. The trough is likely to shift to its normal position, over the interior region from 17th April, onward. An anticyclone on either side of the coastline will help fueling moist winds. The plateau effect will further increase the chance for the capital city to commence with the pre-monsoon activity of this season.

The north-south trough will run across South Telangana, North Interior Karnataka, Rayalaseema, South Interior Karnataka, Kerala and reach the Comorin region. With a fair amount of moisture and temperature as a trigger, rain and thundershowers are likely for the city between 18th and 20th April 2024. If so, this will break the long persisting jinx of dry weather for the tech city and suburbs. As the activity will mostly happen in the late afternoon/evening hours, the temperature may still rise, nearing 34-35°C. Showers will not be very hefty but still welcome to break the long persisting monotony of parched conditions. This may even give some good showers in the catchment areas to add to the levels of water bodies.

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