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Brief Break For Hills, Fresh Western Disturbance Arriving Shortly

March 8, 2024 2:20 PM |

A feeble western disturbance is moving across the northern mountains. The main system has cleared the area and the remnant effect is seen in the mid and higher reaches. This also will end soon, early tomorrow. However, another western disturbance, a little stronger than the current one, is waiting in the wings. The weather activity will resume again, with increased spread and strength.

A trail of westerly systems has kept the northern hilly states' weather active, during this month so far. Earlier, the mountains were lashed with the heaviest spell of rain and snow, of this season, at the start of the month. The fresh western disturbance will arrive, a little late in the day on 10th Mar. As the system will have the support of inducing cyclonic circulation, albeit with a lag of 48 hours, the duration of weather activity will prolong to about 4 days in the hills and impact the plains for 2 days, only.

As the western disturbance approaches the Western Himalayas on 10th Mar, mild activity will start in the elevated areas. Lower parts may observe a cloudy sky and the least precipitation. Spread and intensity will pick up between 11th and 13th March. While the states of Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh will have the weather activity on all the 3 days, Uttrakhand will have the core activity on 13th March. Other 2 days, it is likely to be spaced and light.

The induced cyclonic circulation is likely over Northwest Rajasthan and areas across the border. The feature will slowly shift eastward over Haryana and Delhi. Light weather activity will commence with North & West Rajasthan and North Punjab on 11th Apr 2024. This will extend eastward to reach parts of Haryana, Delhi and West Uttar Pradesh on the 12th and 13th March. Rain and thundershowers with flashes of lightning and peals of thunder, possibly accompanied by gusty winds are likely on these days. Most of the weather activity will be observed during later parts of the day.  Broad clearance can be expected from 14th March onward.

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