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Chennai rains become intense, schools shut, more showers ahead

November 30, 2023 12:28 PM |

Chennai rains have been continuing for a while now and the city has been recording good rainfall activities for quite some time. In fact, in the last 24 hours from 8:30 am on Tuesday, Nungambakkam recorded 79 mm of rain.

These rainfall activities resulted in waterlogging in many areas and massive traffic chaos. This is also because the city of Chennai had been receiving continuous rains for the past many days.

In view of the current weather activities and the forecast for more rains, schools have been closed in the city of Chennai.

The month of October was dormant for Chennai but November picked up quite a bit and the second half has performed extremely well in terms of rains. With this, the total rain amount of Chennai has gone to 564.3 mm rains, which is about 200 mm above normal.

The current rains have been seen on account of the Cyclonic Circulation, which is well marked over Sri Lanka and a trough is also extending along the coast, Also, the stream of northeasterly winds along the coast has aided in the rainfall.

While these features will give rains, another storm is brewing in the Bay of Bengal and as it moves closer to the coast, it will take over. Thus, Chennai rains are expected for the next five days or so wherein moderate to heavy rains will be seen.

Rains will be relatively heavier on December 2nd and 3rd as the other system will join the trough and Circulation. The system is in a state of dichotomy and can move in any state or any place as of now. In case it goes through and through Tamil Nadu, it is to bring a deluge over the entire state.

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