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Cold Wave Conditions Over Rajasthan, Likely To Abate Over The Weekend

February 9, 2024 1:32 PM |

Cold wave conditions have been limited to minimal pockets over the plains of North India. However, large parts of East and North Rajasthan have been an exception and are swept by cold wave conditions over the last two days. In the wake of heavy snowfall over the mountains, the cold winds from the snow-clad hills are blowing down the slopes of the plains. Though, the effect of the bitter cold has impeded during the last couple of days but localized conditions over parts of Rajasthan continue to aid, the persistence of the cold. Minimum temperatures have plunged well below the average, nearly 5°C or more a few places.

Cold wave conditions are declared in the plains where the normal minimum temperature is 10°C or less and the actuals drop 4.5 – 6.4°C below this normal. Also, a cold wave is announced when the minimum temperatures plunge to 4°C or less in those areas. Night temperatures have plummeted  5-6°C below the average at places like  Sikar, Churu and Bhilwara. All these places have registered the lowest temperatures of under 4°C, in the past 24 hours. Sikar recorded the minimum temperature of 2.7°C this morning, the lowest across the plains of the country. Earlier, Sikar had recorded the lowest temperature yesterday, as well. A few other places like Ajmer, Tonk, Pilani, Alwar, Chittorgarh, Rajsamand and Jaisalmer also recorded mercury levels of about 4-5°C, below the normal.

There is no western disturbance approaching over the mountains, shortly. Neither, there is any weather system over the plains of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to sustain and prolong the cold weather conditions. However, a freak cyclonic circulation will develop over parts of North Maharashtra and South Madhya Pradesh. This system will meander over the central and eastern parts of the country,  between 10th and 14th Feb. During the first half of this period, the feature will be in close proximity to South and Southeast Rajasthan. No significant weather activity will reach the state of Rajasthan as such, but the wind pattern will change over most parts. The flow of cold winds will get arrested and may even get reversed. Parts of East and North Rajasthan will have more influence than the rest.

This change in the air stream over the state will abate the cold wave conditions, over the approaching weekend itself. Most parts of the state are likely to register mercury in the double digits. This will include places like Sikar, Churu and Bhilwara. The temperature rise will be visible even along the border posts of Rajasthan. Possibly, the state will observe mercury rising to the low teens at many places during next week.

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