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Cold wave sharpen further, Churu breaks the record to freeze at minus 1.5 degrees

December 31, 2020 8:15 AM |

Rajasthan winters

Churu in Rajasthan recorded the lowest minimum temperature in the northern plains to freeze at -1.5 degrees. Earlier the city recorded the lowest minimum of this season yesterday at -0.4 degrees and surpassed the same today to make a historic record early in the season. This is the 2nd occasion for Churu that sub-zero temperature has been recorded on 2 consecutive days. Earlier on 18th and 19th December, Churu measured -0.3 degrees and -0.1 degrees respectively. With the sub-zero temperature expected even tomorrow, Churu will have record 5 days of sub-zero in the month of December. Last year, the sub-zero temperature was recorded in December just for 1 day only (27th December 2019).

The cold wave conditions have intensified over the region as icy winds with moderate speed have been blowing sharpening the wind chill factor and therefore drop in the feel like temperature. Dense fog and ground frost are also on the rise due to a thick inversion layer in which the temperature is rising with height against the norms.

In addition to the minimum temperature, Churu recorded day maximum at 19 degrees, about 4 degrees below the normal. Churu is witnessing double attack of piercing temperature both during day and night. Minimum temperature of -1.5 degrees has been the record lowest in the last 15 years. Last time the lowest of -1.4 degrees was recorded on 25th December 2011. However, the lowest ever temperature in December of -4.6 degrees was recorded on 28 December 1973.

Such fierce cold conditions are likely to stay for the next 48 hours and ease out marginally thereafter. An active western disturbance is arriving shortly (02 January) and induced cyclonic circulation also will accompany this weather system. The reversal in the wind pattern even earlier than the rainy spell is expected to provide small relief from bone-chilling wintery conditions.

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