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Cyclone Michaung begins landfall, Andhra Coast braces for intense weather

December 5, 2023 11:32 AM |

Cyclone Michaung has resulted in hefty rains over the lower half of the east coast. In fact, in two days, Chennai has recorded massive rains of about 50 cm, which is more than double the amount of its monthly mean.

Now, the storm has crossed abeam Ongole, and Kavali and the landfall process has begun. This storm is compact and will not take a very long time to complete the process, which could be about two hours or so.

Most of the significant clouding is over land and the eyewall clouds have already entered inland across Ongole, Bapatla etc. Moreover, the forward section of the storm has already moved while the centre of the storm is yet to cross the coast. After all the dense clouding moves inland, will the landfall be complete.

With this, we can expect heavy to very heavy rains over Bapatla, Guntur and the Krishna Delta area. These regions will be the most affected in terms of heavy rains, and very strong winds. Thus, caution needs to be exercised for some time today.

The storm is expected to weaken right after the landfall and recurve. Heavy rains are after that, expected over Telangana as it will take more of a northeastward turn. Thereafter, even the central and northern parts of Chhattisgarh and Odisha may see some intense rainfall activities.

We can expect some improvement over the Andhra Coast, about six hours after the landfall,

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