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Day and nights to become cooler over Northwest India

December 13, 2023 12:52 PM |

Winters are knocking on the doors of Northwest India. Many places of Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, and west Uttar Pradesh have lower minimums of 6 to 10 degrees. Despite cold mornings and nights, winter is not being felt over the northern plains. Why is it so? The answer is sunny and warm days.

The minimum temperature of a particular place reaches around sunrise. But soon after, the sun comes up and temperatures start rising. Days are still warm and comfortable over the northwest plains. The feel of true winter sinks in when day temperatures also drop. Unless there is persistent fog, day temperatures will not fall. For example, if the minimum of a particular place is 10 degrees and the maximum is just 14-15 degrees then winter chill will be felt because of the cold day conditions.

We can say that day temperatures should also drop for the winter chill. Which is not the case at present. Persistent fog is required for day temperatures to drop. For the formation of the fog, humidity must be high, but the humidity cannot increase unless there is widespread rain.

Unfortunately, we do not foresee any rain during the next week over the northern plains. Therefore, the day will remain sunny and warm with clear skies. And we must wait until month's end for winter chill over the northern plains.

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