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Delhi and Haryana are rain surplus, but Punjab remains deficient

September 12, 2021 6:06 PM |

Between June 1 and September 11, Delhi has received 26% surplus rain, Haryana is surplus by 18%, Punjab is deficient by 18%.

In fact, Delhi has broken many records during this monsoon season. Delhi has already recorded 1136.8 mm rain. This figure is just short of 1975 rain record of 1155.6 mm. There are still 18 days left in the month of September therefore, chances are bright to surpass 1975 rain figures. If it happens it will be highest rain for Delhi since 1901. All-time record for Delhi is of 1420.3 mm in 1933.

Northeast India business to break monsoon condition in the month of August and ended as a rain deficient month. Delhi witnessed 7 heavy rain spells during this monsoon. Despite prolonged break monsoon in August, these heavy rain events have helped Delhi to get record rainfall.

Along with Delhi adjoining state of Haryana witnessed the heavy downpour on numerous occasions leading to surplus rain. On the other hand, the weather systems which impacted Delhi and Haryana failed to reach Punjab and Punjab remained rain deficient.

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