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Delhi awaits Southwest Monsoon withdrawal now

September 26, 2023 1:16 PM |

The weekend saw some rains for the national capital however, now Delhi and the NCR region are expected to remain dry for the next many days.

In fact, the withdrawal process of the southwest monsoon has begun from parts of Rajasthan and in a few days, the capital city of Delhi will also follow suit. However, the withdrawal will be late this year as it was in the past two years as well. Delhi and the NCR region's Monsoon withdrawal date is September 25.

Because of dry weather conditions, the temperatures may settle slightly above normal levels at around 36 and 37° during the day and the minimum temperature will be around 24 and 25°C.

However, as far as humidity is concerned, we can expect humid conditions to reduce slightly and pleasant conditions in the evening as well as morning hours. Afternoons however will remain slightly sultry in nature.

With the withdrawal process already beginning over Rajasthan, change in weather conditions will be seen over Delhi as well with low clouds, drop in humidity levels and absence of rainfall activity. Such weather conditions will continue even after the monsoon withdraws from Delhi.

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