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Delhi Records Lowest Temperature Of Five Years In Last Week of February

February 23, 2024 1:06 PM |

After having a double-digit run of minimum temperature for the last four days, Delhi plunged by over 3°C, this morning. The base observatory at Safdarjung recorded the lowest of 7.6°C, about 4°C below the normal. It does not amount to cold wave conditions, as the normal minimum temperature is above 10°C for the capital city. Similar readings were made at a few other observatories of the Delhi region but the lowest of 6.4°C was recorded at Mungeshpur. This was 6°C below the normal. The meteorological office at Lodhi Road measured a low of 7.2°C, nearly 4°C below the average.

As per the pentad normal, the month of February starts with a low of 9°C and rises to about 12°C during the last days of the month. This season, the minimum temperature consistently remained in the single digits during the 2nd week of the month and continued so till 18th Feb 2024. Last four days, the minimum jumped to double-digit and above normal by 3-4°C. A sudden drop in the minimum is attributable to the cold winds, in the aftermath of heavy snowfall,  blowing down the slopes of snow-clad mountains.

Capital city Delhi, generally observes comfortable temperatures during the last week, between 22nd and 29th Feb.  This norm was observed meticulously between 2020 and 2023. Aberrations, of course, can not be ruled out.

There is a dry cyclonic circulation over the extreme West Rajasthan and Pakistan region. This feature will come closer over central  Rajasthan tomorrow. There is no weather activity associated with the system. However, this will inflict some change in the wind pattern. Delhi will be in very close proximity and so, the change will be observed. The low-level winds might change to easterly, from tomorrow. Therefore, the minimum temperatures may not stay in single digits any longer. These are expected to rise to double digits over the weekend itself. No rainfall activity is likely over the weekend.

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