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Delhi shivers as it records lowest minimum temp of the season

December 18, 2016 2:53 PM |

Delhi shivers as it records lowest minimum temp of the season

Today morning Delhi has recorded lowest minimum temperatures of the season. With 7.2°C, today morning was the chilliest till date. The maximum temperature of yesterday was also the lowest of the season that is 21.6°C.

Now the sky is almost clear and cold winds from northwest directions are blowing over Delhi. So we expect marginal fall in minimum temperatures in next 24 hours. Now almost all the parts of the city are fog free, however today morning visibility at Palam Airport was recorded at less than 500m for a short duration. But overall visibility over Delhi and NCR remains good.

Due to clear sky and cold and dry winds, night temperatures will continue to remain below normal for next 24-48 hours, thereafter we expect marginal rise in minimum temperatures. As the sky remains clear therefore day becomes sunny and in spite of lower minimums winter chill is still not felt due to warm day conditions.

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The stereotypical winter is the highlight of North India including Delhi but such weather is still eluding from the region. The winter chill is felt when day temperatures are also on the lower side which happens due to persistent dense fog conditions. But with clear skies we do not expect dense fog to show up over Delhi & NCR for next 2-3 days. Therefore winters is expected to remain pleasant for the time being.

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