Delhi to witness rains this weekend, AQI might just get better

January 4, 2019 3:19 PM |

The pollution levels in Delhi-NCR have continue to hover in and around ‘severe’ category for quite some time and we do not see much respite for at least coming 24-48 hours. The Supreme Court-appointed EPCA has instructed authorities that the entry of trucks should be stopped for 24 hours starting January 4, Friday 11 p.m. up till January 5, 11 p.m. The decision has been taken in view of the severe pollution level in the national capital for over 31 hours.

Delhi's air quality remained severe for the third day on Friday morning as well. Authorities warned that the condition would continue to deteriorate unless enough rainfall brings respite by cleansing the air. The current overall AQI for Delhi stands at 388.

The Good news is that a fresh Western Disturbance will induce a Cyclonic Circulation over Punjab and Haryana. Thus, we can expect scattered light rains over Delhi-NCR by January 5 evening or night. The intensity of rain is expected to increase gradually. Many parts of Delhi-NCR will receive light to moderate rain/thundershower activities. Thus, we can say that these rains might just help in washing away pollutants present in the atmosphere. Hence, pollution levels might see a marginal improvement around January 6 and 7. Also, due to clouding and rains, maximums will also drop by two to three degree-Celsius.

January 7 onward, weather will start clearing up and cold winds from North will start blowing over Delhi leading to decrease in minimums. Due to increase in humidity levels and drop in minimums, dense to very dense fog will once again make a comeback. Drop in temperatures might bring back Cold Wave conditions for the isolated pockets of Delhi. On the contrary, maximums will start seeing a gradual rise.

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