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Depression in Bay to cause widespread rain in Gangetic West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand

August 6, 2019 2:25 PM |

East India weather

The eastern parts of the country including West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand enjoy a four-month-long Monsoon season from June to September.

The main drivers for weather activities here are the Monsoon Trough or the stronger systems in the Bay of Bengal such as Well Marked Low-Pressure Area or Depression.

In general, the Monsoon Trough lies South of these states and these areas fall North of this Trough. Because of the north position, the Trough gives comparatively lesser weather activities over this region.

However, irrespective of the position of the Monsoon Trough, it is the movement of the other Monsoon governing weather systems that result in good rainfall activities here.

The periphery of the Monsoon systems gives enough rain coverage to these eastern states. And the most active pockets are the ones that are located Southwest of these systems.

Talking about this season, the Southwest Monsoon has not performed satisfactorily in these states so far. And in the absence of good Monsoon showers, the rain deficiency of Gangetic West Bengal is sitting at 48%, followed by Jharkhand 40%, as of August 5. In fact, these two are the most rain deficient pockets in India currently. It is hard to believe that both these states were some time back the most active pockets in terms of rainfall activities this Monsoon season.

However, some good showers during the Break Monsoon Period in July have helped the state of Bihar to enter in the normal category, with its deficiency sitting at only 6%, as of August 5.

If we talk about the current scenario, the Well Marked Low-Pressure Area has now intensified into a Depression and is lying over Northwest Bay of Bengal and adjoining West Bengal and Odisha region. This system will gradually move in west/northwest direction enhancing rainfall activities over the eastern states.

The periphery of this system will give fairly widespread rain in Gangetic West Bengal, followed by Jharkhand and Bihar. The intensity would be comparatively more over Gangetic West Bengal during the next 24 hours.

As this system moves further towards the central parts of the country, rains will start receding from East India and later continue with a milder intensity only in Bihar and Jharkhand. On the contrary, Gangetic West Bengal would continue to experience slightly enhanced rainfall activities. These conditions are likely until August 8.

Meanwhile, the sky would remain cloudy and temperatures would also subside and settle in the lower 30s, thus leading to pleasant weather. These conditions would be accompanied by strong winds.

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