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Dry And Hot Week For Delhi, Mercury May Rise Above 42 Degree

May 13, 2024 3:19 PM |

Base observatory of Delhi recorded temperature under 40°C during the last 5 days.  Though, these have been inching closer to 40°C and yesterday was the closest at 39.8°C.  Some of the other observatories did go past 40°C, albeit marginally. Like in the typical summers,  mercury is expected to rise sharply during this week.  Also, dry weather conditions are likely during the entire week, with the possibility of some stray clouds on couple od days.

Delhi was struck with the first severe dust storm of this season on Friday, last.  The storm hit most parts of Delhi/NCR with same ferocity.  Strong winds in excess of 80 kmh uprooted trees and caused traffic disruptions.  There were outages and flight diversions due to strong winds and poor visibility.  The storm claimed two lives and injured many and damaged the property. The mayhem lasted for about half an hour but the damage was diverse and multifold.

Month of May is the peak pre- monsoon month for North India, including Delhi.  The temperatures soar beyond 40°C frequently and lead to heat wave conditions. Delhi has recorded the highest of 47.2°C in the past. Dust storm and thunderstorm is generally followed by sharp showers and drop in temperatures. The normal rainfall for the month is 30.7mm  and the observatory at Safdarjung has recoded just 0.4mm, so far.

There are heat triggered small scale cyclonic circulations in the neighbourhood of Delhi, over Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.  Also, there is a western disturbance over the mountains, clearing in another 24 hours.  Another western disturbance is expected to arrive on 17thMay. However, Delhi seems to be far from the reach of these systems. Some clouds may hover in some areas, but not enough to provide relief from heat.

Mercury is likely to rise and remain at 40°C or more during the entire week.  So far, the highest temperature of 42°C was recorded on 07thMay. It is Likely to exceed this and may breach 43°C, around the weekend, for couple of days. Strong and hot surface winds are expected,  setting off ‘loo’ conditions. Weather conditions are likely to remain dry for this week.Attendee panel closed

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