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First Lohri and now Makar Sankranti the coldest for Delhi since 2000

January 14, 2021 1:35 PM |

Delhi Winters 2020

Base observatory Safdarjung of Delhi recorded a minimum temperature of 2°C today, the 2nd lowest of this season so far. The lowest continues to be new year mark measuring 1.1°C. Incidentally 14th January, the Makar Sankranti this year stands coldest since the year 2000. Earlier yesterday 13th January, Lohri also achieved this feat being the coldest since last 2 decades. Before this 14th January 2017 was the coldest at 3.7°C followed by 4.6°C on 14th January 2003. The minimum temperature was in double-digit on 5 occasions during this period and the highest being 14°C in 2002.

Mercury has been stooping consistently in the national capital for the last 5 days. The temperature has dropped nearly 9°C, from 10.8°C on 09th January to 2°C today. This is one of the steepest fall bringing minimum temperature 5°C below the normal 2nd time in this season so far. Delhi is seized with severe cold wave condition for the 2nd consecutive day and likely to persist till the weekend. Icy winds from the snow-draped mountains are sweeping the plains albeit harsher for Delhi than the neighbourhood.

Meteorological office at Lodhi Road was slightly higher measuring 2.4°C, the 2nd lowest in Delhi area. Dense fog in the morning made sky indiscernible for few hours and nearly nil wind conditions aided poor visibility. There is no active western disturbance approaching for the next few days and freezing cold will persist till 16th January. Reversal of winds thereafter may announce some relief from the excruciating cold which also could be short-lived.

Today also marks ‘Uttarayana’ tagged with Makar Sankranti.’ Uttar’ means north and ‘ayana’ means movement and together denote the start of the northward journey of the sun towards the northern hemisphere. Day duration from now will increase and nights will shorten. This is linked with the strong belief that the extreme cold conditions also recede hereon. Truly a significant relief is expected only by the month-end.

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