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First Winter Rains Of Season, Simultaneous For Hills And Plains

January 17, 2023 2:05 PM |

Northern plains and Mountains, together are heading for freak spell of winter rains commencing end of this week.  An unduly prolonged spell, will cover the mountains white and the plains of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and North Madhya Pradesh drenched, first time, in tandem.  The soaking event may stretch beyond the Republic Day, leaving slight anxious moments for the grand celebrations in the national capital. 

After remaining drought stricken during November and December,  northern hilly states have lived up to seasonal expectations during the 1st half of January, more so for state of Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh. Uttrakhand, somehow still trails and has failed to chase the normal activity. Though, upcoming spell is promising better show than before. 

A western disturbance is arriving  tomorrow night , albeit impacting mostly mid and higher reaches of the hilly states between 18th and 20th Jan. Weak activity may spill over to the foothills of Punjab and Haryana and narrow tongue may even reach the national capital on 19th night or 20th morning.  Activity cover will shrink substantially on 21st Jan, before it starts building up again, the next day, this time to run a marathon session.

The remnant of previous system, before fading away completely will be spurred by yet another western disturbance. This will be the strongest system of this season accompanied with its support, an induced cyclonic circulation.  The duo, will work in tandem to enhance the spread of weather activity across North India. 

Heavy snowfall is likely over Jammu & Kashmir and Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh between 22nd and 24th Jan. The weather system may not be equally harsh for Uttrakhand but won't spare it either, in toto. Withered weather activity is expected for the next 3 days between 25th and 27th Jan, drifting gradually eastward, vacating sequentially the state of Jammu & Kashmir, followed by Himachal Pradesh. 

A broad induced cyclonic circulation will appear over Rajasthan, swaying over the state for nearly one week, reversing the wind pattern.  This feature will also push the seasonal anticyclone eastward over East Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha.  Major shift will precipitate a wide convergence zone between the anticyclone and cyclonic circulation. Weather activity will cover states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh along with Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and parts of Rajasthan. Intensity and spread of weather will be large on 23rd and 24th Jan 2023.  National capital will possibly witness first measurable decent rains of winter season. 

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