Good rain in Gujarat likely, deficient to reduce marginally

Good rain in Gujarat likely, deficient to reduce marginally

12:16 PM

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Gujarat remained among one of the poorest performers during this Monsoon season. However, rains in Saurashtra & Kutch were much poorer than Gujarat region. In fact, as of today, Gujarat region is rain deficient by 23% and Saurashtra & Kutch are deficient by 31%.

The initial rain deficiency was on account of late arrival of Monsoon over the state and later on carried on due to infrequent visit of Monsoon systems, which led its rain deficiency to increase further.

Now, towards the fag end of Monsoon season, there is a possibility of rains to pay a visit over Gujarat this weekend, as a well-marked low-pressure area is seen in the Bay of Bengal which is further likely to become more marked and move inland.

Rains of more intensity will be observed Gujarat than Saurashtra & Kutch. Therefore, in the coming two to three days, moderate rains with few heavy spells are expected over Gujarat region. Meanwhile, light to moderate rains will occur in Saurashtra & Kutch.

Moreover, we can also say that due to these good rains, rain deficiency for the state may also drop marginally. Along with this, day temperatures will also drop significantly, making the weather conditions over Gujarat comfortable.

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