Here is why Delhi is observing unusual sky conditions

Here is why Delhi is observing unusual sky conditions

06:48 PM

Here is why Delhi is observing unusual sky conditionsDelhi weather has been giving a different look and feel and it has been hard to perceive as to why is the national capital witnessing such sky conditions. Generally, hot weather conditions persist during this time. In fact, heatwave like conditions may also be seen at times.

Such sky conditions have been seen after a long time over Delhi and the NCR region. Let us understand why is Delhi witnessing such weather.

Currently, the West Rajasthan region along with neighbouring Pakistan have been witnessing heatwave conditions as temperatures are running about three to five degrees above the normal levels.

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Winds at present are strong which have pushed the dust into the atmosphere. In fact, dust is suspended between 7000-15000 feet. Due to westerly winds prevailing around that height, dust is being advected over parts of East Rajasthan and even reaching up to Haryana as well as Delhi and the NCR region.

These conditions are called sky obscured conditions which is difficult to perceive. It is a typical Pre Monsoon activity on account of dry and hot weather conditions prevailing across West Rajasthan.

During the night, cooling usually takes place due to radiation. However, now radiation will not find an easy escape due to which cooling will not be able to take place. Thus, due to this, minimum temperature will be higher tomorrow morning as compared to today as the envelope of dust will restrict the temperature.

Such conditions at times last for two to three days which may be the case this time as well. However, pollution alert will not prevail in the lower levels.

The assessment of these conditions cannot be caught beyond numerical models and can only be known by visual assessment.

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