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High Clouds Of 26 Jan Over National Capital, Dry Weather Conditions Over Most Parts

January 25, 2024 2:44 PM |

The national capital is likely to be wrapped with a sheet of high clouds on Republic Day, popularly called ‘26th Jan High Clouds’ in the Indian Air Force. Weather conditions become the mainstay for the conduct of festivities along Kartavya Path. The culmination of the program and the climax, stealing the show is ‘Fly Past” by the IAF. This thrilling event is largely dependent on the weather conditions. The show has gone on for the last many years, rather successfully. However, it may not have been as majestic, as one would like to have it, on some occasions on account of weather conditions which are beyond control.

High clouds on the Republic Day is the trade mark and these clouds have appeared on more than one occasion. However, these are benign in nature and do not adversely impact the flying operations. The main threat to the festivities comes from dense fog, low clouds and rain, if any. Foggy conditions with bitter cold remain the hallmark and pose a really tough time for the parade and tableau, rolling down the Kartavya Path.

By virtue of being placed in the peak winter period, Republic Day is synonymous with the winter weather systems. Western disturbances are rather frequent passing across the mountains of North India. High clouds are the precursors to their approach and do not pose any serious threat towards the conduct of festivities, including air operations. Also, a core of high-speed westerly winds, popularly called ‘Jet Stream’ becomes a semi-permanent feature during the winter season. The stream of such high-speed winds, in excess of 250 km/h, runs across the mountains and plains of North India. Such howling winds blow in the upper levels of the atmosphere ( >/= 25,000 feet) and do not impact flying operations below 20,000 feet. This feature also triggers a large spread of high clouds called ‘cirrus clouds’. These clouds are harmless for the conduct of ‘FlyPast’. The main threat comes from the dense fog, low clouds and precipitation.

The national capital will observe these clouds on Republic Day. Thick fog and biting cold will mark the beginning of festivities and ease out slightly in the forenoon hours. Misty conditions and frigid temperatures in the range of 5-6°C in the early morning hours will surely spell hardships for the guests and spectators. The visibility conditions are likely to become better to witness elegant flypast and thrilling aerobatics.

Most other parts of the country will observe dry weather conditions on the Republic Day.  Parts of Coastal Andhra Pradesh may witness light rain. Pockets like Vizag, Kalingapatnam and the neighbourhood will have scattered showers.  Northern plains and lower hills will experience layers of high clouds. Jaipur, Delhi, Bhopal, Lucknow and Ahmedabad will have partly cloudy sky. Even, Srinagar, Shimla and Dehradun will observe cloudy skies without the threat of rain. Mumbai, Goa, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Trivandrum will observe decent weather conditions, supporting the celebrations.

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