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Hills Brace for Blizzard Blast as Fresh Western Disturbances approaching:

February 11, 2024 11:02 AM |

Winters of 2024 have been curiously quiet for the Himalayas, with snowfall disappointingly sparse. Unlike the usual crescendo of snowstorms in December and January, this season saw mostly dry spells with only isolated flurries. But do not lose heart, February's second half promises a dramatic winter resurgence.

A series of potent Western disturbances, weather systems bringing rain and snow to the region, are set to unleash their fury upon the hills starting February 17th. This relentless barrage, expected to last until February 22nd, promises widespread moderate to heavy snowfall across all Himalayan states.

Prepare for picture-perfect snow blankets as the white stuff paints the landscape anew. But the impact won't be confined to the hills. The plains of North India, including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, North Rajasthan, and western Uttar Pradesh, can expect to witness scattered rainfall on February 20th and 21st.

This wintry resurgence comes after a brief respite. The first week of February saw a strong Western disturbance bring moderate to heavy snowfall across the hills, only to be followed by another dry spell. But now, the weather gods are ready to turn up the dial, promising a true winter experience.

So, dust off your snow gear, stock up on hot cocoa and get ready to witness the majestic Himalayas reborn in a blanket of white. Just remember, with heavy snowfall comes the potential for travel disruptions and safety concerns. Stay informed about weather updates and take necessary precautions to enjoy this snowy spectacle responsibly.

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