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Hills perform better than plains this pre-monsoon season

April 29, 2021 10:00 AM |

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The pre-monsoon season lasts between March and May for North India, both for hills and plains. Since Southwest Monsoon arrives over these parts towards fag end of June and sometimes even in July, the month of June is not barred from heat and storms of pre-monsoon. Many a time these phenomena are more furious in June as compared to their predecessors. So far in the season, this trend has been witnessed, and truely speaking the severe storms have yet to show up over any of these sub-divisions. Track records testify, that month of April has been found punishing these parts on more than one occasion earlier, including the national capital.

Rainfall deficiencies have shown up across the region this pre-monsoon season, and plains are facing a bigger curse than the hills. The seasonal shortfall has exceeded 50% for the plains and few pockets breached the 80% mark. However, the shortages over the hills have been contained within 25% and are not expected to mount beyond these levels.

Rainfall Deficiency

The upcoming week between 30th April and 07th May looks promising in terms of enhancing pre-monsoon activity across most parts. This period will be eventful for the hills in terms of a fair amount of rain and snow and intermittent thundershowers spread along with all parts of North India. This will also abate the heatwave sweeping most parts including the national capital Delhi. The swathe of 40 degrees and above now sweeping most parts of Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh will shrink and may vanish even for few days providing much-needed relief for the region.

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