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Hot days ahead for Delhi, mercury may climb to 40 degrees again

April 24, 2021 1:30 PM |

Delhi heatwave

The national capital of Delhi has enjoyed a spell of soothing weather last 4 days, between 20th and 23rd April. All these 4 days, the day temperature in Delhi remained under 34 degrees celsius, about 4-5 degrees below normal. Yesterday the base observatory at Safdarjung recorded a maximum temperature of 33.6 degrees and a minimum of cool 16.4 degrees. Both the temperatures for Delhi were way below the normal and especially the minimum was 7 degrees below the average. The record station also measured rainfall of 0.6mm after a dry spell of 1 week. Few other observatories in other parts of Delhi dipped further offering a wintry touch this morning with a cool breeze. Narela observatory recorded maximum and minimum of 30.5 degrees and 15 degrees, both below normal by 7 degrees and 8 degrees respectively.

Actually, Delhi has witnessed only one gruelling spell in April so far. Mercury in Delhi breached the threshold of 40 degrees continuously for 4 days between 13th and 16th April and during which the highest temperature this year so far of 40.5 degrees was registered on 15th April. A trail of western disturbances thereafter moving across the northern hills kept the temperature under check and mostly below normal over the entire region.

Western disturbance over Jammu & Kashmir is on the verge of clearing the region shortly and there is no active weather system approaching for the next week. A feeble and mild disturbance is expected to arrive on 28th April. However, the weather activity will remain confined to the hill and may trickle at very few places along the foothills. Delhi will remain far from the reach of this system and largely unaffected. The drier winds along with clear skies are going to sweep Delhi in the coming days. Accordingly, the mercury will rise steadily once again and may reach 39-40 degrees towards the fag end of the month.

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