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In a freak weather incident, Mumbai rains likely next week

March 10, 2018 10:33 AM |

Mumbai post

The city of Mumbai experiences unusual weather conditions in terms of heat. Moreover, that saga has already begun way back. The month of February ended on a hot note along with which March also followed a similar suit.

The highest maximum of the season, which was 37.8 degrees Celsius was also recorded on February 27. Rainfall activity remains on the backseat for the city of Mumbai during this time and this year was no exception with the city witnessing no rains whatever. In fact, the average rains for March in Mumbai happens to be nil.


After those slight bouts of winters recede from the city, temperatures follow an increasing trend. The average maximum for Mumbai stands at 32.8 degrees in March while it is slightly less in February at 31.3 degrees. Until the arrival of Monsoon, temperatures follow an increasing trend. During March, it has only been twice in the last ten years that the city has recorded any rainfall.

While March had begun on a hot note, temperatures had followed a reducing trend in the past few days. Mumbai being a coastal city remains under the influence of sea breeze. While the city does not see rains in March, a situation is building up for such activity.

A confluence zone is expected to form in the proximity of the coastline. In the light wind field condition, a feeble trough is also likely to form along the Konkan and Maharashtra region.

Thus, some clouding is possible from March 15 followed by light rainfall activity. In fact, these rains may even spill into March 16 and 17. Thus, Mumbaikars can get ready to witness some light rains next week.

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