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Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka best performing states in Pre Monsoon season so far

April 26, 2022 7:49 PM |

Pre Monsoon has been rather good for South Peninsula. Moreover, all pockets of South India are in the nearly large excess rain category. Starting with Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala, all these are excess to large excess.

Moreover, Kerala has observed double the amount of rains, being 98 percent excess, i.e. large excess. Even at the end of March 31, it was surplus by 45 percent, wherein other pockets were recording lesser rains.

Though the Pre Monsoon rain activity has been on the poorer side this time for Central India and North India, South India has been a good show. Tamil Nadu has been at 42 percent surplus rains, Coastal Karnataka 143 percent, North Interior Karnataka 43 percent, South Interior Karnataka 84 percent.

This region i.e. South India is the largest positive regionwise at 28 percent. Now also, rains will be seen over Kerala around April 29, increasing thereafter.

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