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Light rain and snow to continue over Western Himalayas

February 13, 2022 3:30 PM |

Heavy snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir

A series of Western disturbances are expected to approach Western Himalayas during the next week. The intensity of these upcoming Western disturbances will be feeble. Although we have seen a number of Western disturbances during the month of January and the initial period of February. These Western disturbances have dumped heavy snowfall over all the hilly states of Western Himalaya.

A feeble western disturbance may approach Jammu & Kashmir by the night of February 13. The second Western disturbance will be around February 16 and the third one will be on February 19. Rain and snow are expected to continue over hilly States but the intensity of rain and snow will remain light to moderate.

We do not expect any significant weather over Northern parts of the country such as Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Delhi. This is the normal pattern of Western disturbances in the month of February. As we progress in February, the intensity and frequency of Western disturbances will start reducing. Although Western disturbances are to continue in the month of March, their impact will be minimal.

Despite continued rain and snowfall, tourists will not be able to witness widespread snowfall over hilly destinations. There may be isolated snowfall with rain. Skymet is keeping an eye on this type of development and will apprise you well in advance.

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