Maharashtra to experience warm days with cold nights, clubbed with dry weather

January 3, 2019 10:30 AM |

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New year is that time of the year, when Winters are at its peak over the entire country. At present., even states like that of Maharashtra are experiencing Cold Wave conditions.

In fact, December 28 onward, many parts of the state are experiencing Cold Wave conditions. Moreover, many parts of Vidarbha and some parts of Madhya Maharashtra are under ‘severe’ Cold Wave conditions. However, there’s a little silver lining to this- since last 48 hours, minimum temperatures have increased marginally across the state leading to abatement of severe Cold Wave conditions. Day temperatures of most parts are marginally above normal. However, some parts of Vidarbha, Madhya Maharashtra and Marathwada are still experiencing Cold Wave.

If there’s one good news for winter-haters it’s that the warm and humid south-easterly winds from Bay of Bengal will soon start blowing over these areas thus, leading to a gradual rise in temperatures over Marathwada and South Madhya Maharashtra.

However, people in Vidarbha and North Madhya Maharashtra will have to wait as these areas will continue to receive cold winds from the northeast direction. Thus, minimum temperatures will remain below normal over these places and nights will be very cold.

Residents will get to witness a significant variation between day and night temperatures in the entire state. Nights will be cold with a warm and sunny day.

We expect dry weather to continue over Maharashtra for the next few days as we do not expect any weather system to form over the next few days.

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