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Mercury Levels Shoot Up In Delhi, Revert Back To Normal Shortly

February 7, 2023 1:50 PM |

Day and night temperatures in the national capital observed a steep rise in the past 24hr. The base observatory at Safdarjung  recorded maximum of 29deg and a minimum of 12.8deg, both above normal by 6deg and 4deg, respectively.  Pitampura observatory recorded highest temperatures across the region, where both, maximum and minimum were above normal by 7deg. 

Delhi had slipped in to single-digit night temperatures from mid November onward.  Both, December and January recorded mostly single digit minimum throughout. Only for 3 days in each of these months, the temperature rose to 10deg. The highest minimum temperature of 12deg, in the last 2 months was observed on the Republic Day and dropped again, later. The lowest minimum of this season at 1.4deg was measured on 16th Jan2023. 

Earlier, the wind pattern had changed to easterly yesterday. This resulted rise in the day temperature across most parts of North India, including Delhi. Reverting back to the westerly winds today will lead to drop in the day and night temperatures. However, this change will be short lived and mercury will rise again.

An active western disturbance for the mountainous region is arriving on 08th Feb. This may have an induced circulation over North Punjab and Rajasthan. This may cause light rainfall along the foothills of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh between 09th and 10th Feb. Delhi will remain far from the reach of this system and may get some clouds only, on these 2 days. However, the mercury will once again shoot up by 3-4 deg, both during day and night. 

The western disturbance will start clearing the mountains from 11th onward. Accordingly, the temperatures will also take a dip. Day temperature will return back to the normal of 24-25deg and the minimum may once again lower down to single digit of 9 deg or so. Strong surface winds during this period will also suppress any abrupt rise in mercury settings. 

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