Minimums to rise in Rajasthan, Gujarat

Minimums to rise in Rajasthan, Gujarat

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The states of Rajasthan and Gujarat are contiguous in nature that is they share a common border. Both the states observe a large variation in the weather conditions.

Gujarat has a large coastline on its west and has a desert area on its east. Therefore, on one hand, it experiences coastal weather and at the same time is affected by the weather of the desert as well. This is the reason that the weather of Gujarat sees a large fluctuation in weather conditions.

Gujarat remains susceptible to large changes in the weather conditions. Though rains are hard to be seen, the wind reversal often swings the temperatures. The night remains pleasantly chilly while the days remain mild warm.

On the other hand, Rajasthan is a desert state and is largely affected by the desert conditions. Mostly warm and sunny weather prevails during the day, but night becomes cold. Cold wave conditions are also visited on many occasions during this season.

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For Rajasthan, the variation in the weather conditions can be traced from the variation in East and West Rajasthan, the latter being in close vicinity of the desert.

As per Skymet Weather, in the next two to three days, a rise in the night temperatures by 2-3 degrees can be expected in both the states. This would basically be due to the Western Disturbance that is expected to approach the Western Himalayan region.


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During that time, the parts of North and isolated parts of East Rajasthan are expected to receive light rains. While the remaining parts of Rajasthan and Gujarat are expected to continue to remain dry. However, no significant changes are likely in the day temperatures.

In fact, Gujarat has already seen large weather fluctuations with a drop by 6-8 degrees in the night and a dip by 4-5 degrees in the day temperatures in the last 2-3 days.

After the passage of the Western Disturbance, the wind reversal will once again take place a significant drop can be observed in parts of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The wind reversal that would take place would sweep almost the entire state bringing down the night temperatures.

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