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Monsoon to begin withdrawal process next week

October 1, 2021 5:39 PM |

Southwest Monsoon 2021 has officially come to an end, however, unlike the usual pattern, this year, the withdrawal of Monsoon has not yet started. In fact, rainfall activity is still continuing in many parts of the country. This has delayed the withdrawal process of Monsoon 2021, making it one of the most delayed Monsoon withdrawals in the country.

Now, it seems like the withdrawal process of Monsoon may begin soon as the wind pattern is all set to change and dry winds will take over during the middle of next week. Monsoon begins its withdrawal from the extreme western parts of Rajasthan, where it also makes an arrival right at the end.

Cyclone Shaheen in the Arabian Sea will be instrumental for commencement of withdrawal. Passage of the storm across Makran coast and later in to Gulf of Oman will set the process in  to motion with changing the wind pattern conducive for withdrawal.The storm is likely to last for another 3 days.

Rains have to reduce from the region for the withdrawal process to come to an end. Along with that, dry northwesterly winds have to start blowing over the region. Humidity should drop with sunny days making an appearance and temperatures increasing to quite an extent.

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