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Mumbai Exceeds Seasonal Rainfall, Surpasses June And July Total, More Heavy Rains Next Week

July 17, 2021 10:50 AM |

Mumbai scored season’s heaviest rainfall yesterday measuring 253mm in 24 hours, between 8.30am( 15 Jul) to 8.30 am(16 Jul). Most of this occurred between 2.30 am and 8.30 am, when Mumbai was deluged with 235 mm in just 6 hours.

It is one of the heaviest on record as more than 150 mm rainfall was experienced in mere 3 hours, between 5.30 am and 8.30 am. The financial capital is only half way through the month and surpasses the normal figure by a clear margin.

July is the rainiest of all months with a normal of 840.7 mm. June and July together account for 1333.8 mm and the city has already amassed 1544.9 mm, registering a seasonal excess of 609.1mm till 16th July.

Earlier, at the time of onset of monsoon on 09th June, the commercial city scored hat trick of 3 digit rainfall on 10th, 11th and 12th June. It comfortably exceeded its monthly normal and went on to register decent showers in the 2nd fortnight of June.

The city is further heading for another bout of 3 digit rainfall in 24 hours, around midweek between 20th and 22nd July. The capital city has already witnessed 554 mm against its July normal of 840.7 mm with 2 weeks still in the kitty.

A fresh low pressure area is expected to form over Bay of Bengal next week. Such a situation invariably accentuates monsoon surge along the West Coast and more so, for Mumbai and suburbs.  This weather system will be active between 20th and 23rd July and is expected to escalate monsoon becoming vigorous over Konkan region including Mumbai. 

The month of July has a past record of scoring over 1000 mm in July for 3 successive year, 2018 (1138.8 mm), 2019 (1464.8 mm) and  2020 (1502 mm). Hopefully, July 2021 will follow the track to scale four digit mark and stand among distinction of having four in a row.

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