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Mumbai Stays Cooler Than Normal, Morning To Remain Pleasant This Week

March 5, 2024 4:08 PM |

The coastal city of Mumbai has turned rather pleasant for the last 2 days. After sweltering conditions in the last week,  there is a welcome change and a likeable twist in the weather conditions. Though the financial capital Mumbai, starts warming up in March but a little mercy, with palatable conditions likely for the next few days.

Earlier, in the last week, the city had breached 37°C twice, on 26th Feb (37.5°C) and 29th Feb (37.2°C). With minimum temperature in the mid-twenties and maximum hovering around mid-thirties, warm and sultry conditions lasted for nearly one week. A pleasant break, thereafter and the city has measured under 30°C at maximum and high teens of minimum, for the last 2 days. An incremental rise is likely over the next few days, but pleasant mornings will last till the end of the week.

The mountains of North India witnessed the heaviest snowfall of the season. Plains too, had widespread rains. The chill factor is noticeable across the region, with temperatures slipping into single digits over many parts of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi and Rajasthan. In the wake of the weather activity, cool winds from the snow-clad mountains are sweeping down the slopes, across the plains. The cascading effect has travelled, reaching parts of Gujarat and the Konkan region.

For the capital city Mumbai, the land winds from the cooler areas are reaching the coastline of Konkan. These moderately strong winds are delaying the onset of sea breeze.  Such conditions are likely to prevail for the rest of the week, with marginal changes. Minimum temperatures are likely to stay under 20°C and the maximum around 30-31°C.  Sea breeze in the afternoon will arrest any further rise of day temperature. Overall, warm and sultry weather will remain off the screen of Mumbai for this week. Late night and morning weather will be better than slightly warmer and humid conditions of early afternoon.

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