No respite from cool nights in Delhi, northwest plains

November 17, 2013 3:59 PM |

Northwest plains including the national capital Delhi will continue to shiver under below normal night temperatures for the next two days. Night temperatures in Delhi dropped to 9.2 degrees today, on 17th of November. They are unlikely to witness any significant rise for a few days.

Minimum temperatures were less than 10 degrees at many places across Haryana. Hisar recorded 6.3 while Narnaul recorded 6.9 degrees as minimum temperatures yesterday, 17th of November.

Amritsar and Ludhiana also recorded below normal night temperatures on Sunday. The minimum temperature was 7.4 degrees in Amritsar while in Ludhiana it was 7.7 degrees.

Yesterday, the coldest night was experienced in Muzaffarnagar with a minimum of 5.9 degrees. Agra recorded a minimum temperature of 8.4 degrees while Kanpur and Lucknow recorded minimums of 7.3 and 8.7 degrees respectively on Sunday.

Similar trends of below average night temperatures were also witnessed in central and east India, however departure was not as much as that in the Northwest plains.

Gorakhpur, Varanasi and Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh recorded night temperatures between 11 to 12 degrees while Patna recorded 14.1 degrees on Sunday.

Gwalior in central India had a minimum temperature of 9.6 degrees which is 3 degrees below the normal. Bhopal recorded 12.1 degrees as minimum temperature last night.

Rise in night temperatures is not expected in North India in coming few days as here there is no strong Western Disturbance in sight.

Western Disturbance, a low pressure area that emerges in the Mediterranean Sea and adjoining Atlantic Ocean brings clouds and rain in north India to increase the night temperature by blocking the cool winds in north India.


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