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Northeast Monsoon sees second consecutive positive week in terms of rains

November 16, 2023 6:43 PM |

The Northeast Monsoon had a poor start at the beginning of the season when it entered around October 21 and 22. However, now Northeast MOnsoon has seen the second successive good week.

Between October 26-1st Nov, the rain was 74 per cent deficit. Thereafter, between Nov 2 and 8, normal rains were achieved at 9.5 mm against 9.3 mm, which is a little above normal. Because of these rains, the overall deficiency was covered marginally reducing to 34 per cent deficiency.

After this week between Nov 9 and 15, rain deficiency reduced to 30 percent as the week saw 7.7 mm rain against 6.7 percent, resulting in a surplus of 15 percent. Pan India rains at present for Northeast Monsoon stand at 68.3 mm against 92.8 m, which is a shortfall of 26 percent.

South India at present is doing well wherein Tamil Nadu had a surplus of 49 percent in the previous week, and 43 percent excess rainfall this week. Also, Kerala was highly deficit in Southwest Monsoon, saw 77 percent excess rains last week and 25 percent surplus rains this week.

The entire South Peninsula saw 40 percent surplus rains between Nov 2 and 8 and 20 percent excess between Nov 9 and 15. For the next 3-4 days, activities will reduce but will pick up again which is a normal pattern as it goes through the active and non-active phases throughout the season.

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