Pollution to fade away temporarily, rain in Delhi NCR by next weekend

Pollution to fade away temporarily, rain in Delhi NCR by next weekend

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At present, warm and dry weather has gripped Delhi and National Capital Region. However, on October 4, short spells of thundershowers were witnessed in parts of East Delhi, Noida and Ghaziabad, which gave some momentary relief.

This rain activity was on account of a local weather development. Temperatures were settling in high 30s, while there was some moisture available in the atmosphere. Both the factors led to development of convective clouds over few parts of the city, leading to patchy rains. However, this weather activity cleared away soon.
Today, on October 5, many parts of Delhi-NCR witnessed hazy conditions during morning hours and pollution levels showed a steep increase. This was due to the change in wind direction from north-westerly to easterly and South-easterly. Moreover, speed of winds also decreased significantly. During the last night, winds were calmer.
Easterly winds increased the moisture content in the air leading to formation of haze. When the winds are light, dust and smoke particles mix with haze and remain suspended near the surface of Earth.
Now, winds have again changed the direction to north-westerly. Wind speed has also increased significantly. Therefore, we expect dry conditions to continue over the national capital until October 11.
Rains are expected across Delhi-NCR between October 12-15 as the probable cyclone in Arabian Sea will move in northwest direction, while Western Disturbance is likely to affect Western Himalayas simultaneously.
The interaction of humid southwesterly winds with Western disturbance will be responsible for these rains. However, intensity of rain is expected to remain light ruling out any chances of heavy rains.

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