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Severe Cold Day Conditions In Uttar Pradesh, Ayodhya, Meerut, Lucknow, Gorakhpur Record Lowest Minimum Temperature

January 23, 2024 1:30 PM |

Indo-Gangetic plains are reeling under severe cold days and cold wave conditions in many parts. Uttar Pradesh has been bracing for a severe cold for the last few days. Many stations have recorded the lowest temperature of the season, both during the day and night. Dense fog and bitter chill suppressed the day temperatures far below their normal. The double whammy of a cold day and cold wave has spelled frigid conditions over the state,  almost round the clock.

Some of the locations have gone on record to register the lowest minimum temperatures of this winter season, so far. Meerut plunged to 1.5°C and Ayodhya dropped to 2.5°C coinciding with the consecration ceremony. These mercury levels are 5-6°C below their normal and therefore stipulating cold wave conditions. Even, Lucknow, Fursatganj and Gorakhpur recorded the lowest night temperatures of this season. Severe cold day conditions also prevailed across the state wherein the day temperatures plummeted 10°-12°C below the averages. Agra was the lowest at 11.5°C about 12°C below normal and Prayagraj at 12.8°C was huge 11°C lower than normal. State capital Lucknow measured 6°C below the average.

The entire state of Uttar Pradesh runs its boundary all along the foothills of Nepal.  Weak western disturbances have been moving across the Western Himalayas, trailing extremely cold winds in the rear. These icy cold winds sweep down the slopes across the state, all along the foothills. Dense fog spread across the entire plains has restricted the sunshine to nearly zero at many places. There is no respite likely for the next week or so. Rather, the speedy winds in the lower levels will increase the chill factor, more so in the late night and early morning hours. Fresh and active western disturbances arriving around the last day of the month may provide marginal relief. Dry and chilly weather conditions will continue till early next week.

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