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Single Digit Temperatures Over Punjab, Haryana: Mercury Rise Expected

March 15, 2024 3:04 PM |

Punjab and Haryana have witnessed typical weather conditions in the transition month of March. Earlier, the months of December and January gave amiss to the winter rains in both states. Both the sub-divisions were terribly short of seasonal rains. There was little consolation in February and the jinx was broken with a few spells of decent showers. Courtesy, of the increase in the frequency of western disturbance, the first half of March has behaved well. Both the states are comfortably surplus and the winter spell seems to have extended, more than expected. Overall, the months of February and March saved grace and pleased the farming community.

The last western disturbance, around the midweek, splashed most parts with light rainfall, much to the delight of the farmers. The sequential passage of western disturbances, resulting fair amount of snow in the mountains, has kept the plains cool and chilly, at times. The flavour of summer in the transition month of March has been averted, so far. Mercury has been seesawing in single and double digit minima, rather more frequently.

After the passage of the last western disturbance, the temperatures dipped to single digits at many places. Cold winds sweeping down the slopes of snowy mountains, still keep the wintry flavour intact.  Jalandhar, Ferozepur, and Bhatinda in Punjab and Karnal, and Panipat in Haryana still hover in single digits much below their normal values. The lowest of all was clocked at Jalandhar( 8.7°C), a notch lower than yesterday. The Majha area of Punjab also remained on the brink of single digits. Amritsar and Pathankot recorded the lowest of 10.1°C and 10.6°C, respectively.

There is no significant weather activity likely, both, over mountains and plains of north India, in the next 3 days.  The next active western disturbance will arrive on 20th March, largely confining to the hills. As a part of seasonal progression, the temperature rise will be incremental.  The minimum temperature is likely to rise by about 2°C over the next week. It may touch, at best, the lowest teen of 13°C a few places. The maximum temperature will find it difficult to breach 30°C mark. However, the mercury will rise to the high 20’s, more so, for the Malwa region of Punjab and southern and western parts of Haryana. No rainfall is likely during the next week. High and medium clouds will appear off and on, restricting sunshine. Overall, pleasant spring conditions will continue to keep the comfort index in the desired range.

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