Snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir expected; rain likely in central India

January 22, 2013 4:52 PM |

Weather in India will have snowfall and rain in the Northwest mountains starting from tomorrow onwards. Snowfall and rain in Jammu & Kashmir may increase thereafter. Central India could also receive rain during the next 24 hours. Fog in Delhi will be shallow. Fog will reduce a bit around border areas of Uttar Pradesh with Nepal, but will stay in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar during the next couple of days. Arunachal Pradesh could also receive light rain during the 24 hours.

Weather in India in the Northwest mountains is expected to change during the next 24 hours as a fresh but feeble Western Disturbance is about to arrive over Jammu & Kashmir tomorrow. The weather system will change the wind pattern as cooler icy winds will give way to moist and warm winds associated with the Western Disturbance. Snowfall in Jammu & Kashmir will occur at higher places and plains will have rain.

The arrival of the Western Disturbance will halt the northerly winds for a brief period during the next two days. This will increase the minimum temperatures a bit. Cold wave in Delhi and surrounding areas is expected to continue during the period as no significant change in temperatures is likely.

Shallow fog in Delhi might occur during the early morning hours due to slowing down of the winds and low minimum temperatures during the next 24 hours. The weather in Delhi will have a clear sky that will start become partly cloudy after the next 24 hours.

Fog in India will continue to be experienced in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar as winds are sluggish and in contact with the moist easterly winds. Fog will get better from tomorrow onwards as winds are likely to strengthen.

The weather in India in central parts could receive showers at one or two places during the next 24 hours. Vidarbha, East Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh will receive light showers during this period. These places will witness a mild confrontation of winds from Northwest and East.

The weather in Northeast India could get rain at one or two places over Assam and Arunachal Pradesh tomorrow as a cyclonic circulation is persisting over them.


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