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South Peninsula Remains Dry In March, No Rains Likely During The Week

March 11, 2024 3:07 PM |

Out of four homogenous regions of the country, the South Peninsula has been the worst hit. There are hardly any rains and the season’s deficit has gone up to 96%, between 01st and 10th March. Whatever little rains, Coastal Andhra Pradesh and Yanam have recorded some stray showers. For the South Peninsula, 0.2mm of rainfall has been recorded against the normal of 4.6mm, so far. This includes the capital city of Karnataka, Bengaluru, facing a water crisis like ‘Day Zero’, on account of a prolonged dry spell.  All three sub-divisions of the state, namely, North Interior Karnataka, South Interior Karnataka and Coastal Karnataka are rain deficit by 100%, in this season. The situation may compound further as there are no rains likely during the next 2 weeks or so.

There are contrasting weather conditions prevailing over the northern and southern parts of the country. While, the plains and mountains of the north are fairly cool and comfortable, on account of winter rains, the southern parts remain, in wait, for the commencement of pre-monsoon activity. Though the month of March is a transition month from winter to pre-monsoon, the southern parts are early to catch on the seasonal showers. In the absence of any rainfall, the heat is catching up, a little early. Rayalaseema and parts of Maharashtra have touched 40°C. Kurnool and Anantapur have been hovering around 40°C for the last 4 days and even breached the 41° mark. Sholapur in Madhya Maharashtra has clocked the highest of 39.6°C. 

As a routine, peninsular India's north-south trough forms over the interiors of the peninsula during March.  With the excess heat and a bit of moisture, thunderstorm activity is triggered in the late afternoon and evening hours. This north-south trough even oscillates, left and right, shifting pockets of weather activity.  There is a cyclonic circulation marked over South Interior Karnataka, with a trough extending up to the borderline of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However, the lower layers of the atmosphere are stable and dry, restricting the moist winds over the region. There is no likelihood of any significant weather over the region. The activity, if any, could be purely localized and very brief, unable to provide any relief, as such. South Peninsula will have to bear with these dry, hot and parched conditions, extending right up to the third week of the month or even longer.

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