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Southwest Monsoon enters Northeast India, Kerala receives good showers

June 4, 2014 4:54 PM |

Consistent rain since the last 48 hours indicates that Southwest Monsoon has entered Northeast India and has already covered the eastern half of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh along with Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram and Tripura.

Resolving debates about the onset of Monsoon 2014, Skymet Meteorology Division in India confirmed its arrival on the 28th of May, as most conditions stipulated for its onset over Kerala were largely met. The onset of Monsoon in Northeast normally coincides with Kerala and within 5 days speedily covers the entire region.

Marginal variation of ± 2 days for the onset is always granted and the variations are generally amplified during the El Nino years, when one cannot rely entirely on set methods to indicate the onset date of the Monsoon. Reiterating, El Nino in India affects the overall monsoon performance, including onset, periodic coverage and withdrawal.

Northeast India witnesses heavy downpour due to its mountainous terrain with varying heights from valleys to high hills. Monthly average rainfall during Monsoon in India even runs into four digits and thus, these places generally have the capacity to absorb any small deficiency.

In the last 24 hours, North Lakhimpur has received 47.8 mm of rain, Kailashahar 41.4 mm, Dibrugarh 4.2 mm, Tinsukia 2 mm, Passighat 4.6 mm of rain, Cherrapunji 4.6 mm, Agartala 4.4 mm.

Rainfall figures from Skymet’s weather stations installed in Assam- Rahha in Nagaun district recorded 45.71 mm, Biswanath and Naduar in Sonitpur district recorded 29.46 mm and 24.88 mm of rain, respectively.

Rain in South India

Kerala has been receiving rain since the 28th of May and the rain belt has now reached parts of Telangana, Rayalaseema, Karnataka and extended up to  Ratnagiri  and Goa region. In the initial phase these areas have received surplus rain. On the 3rd of May,  Kozhikode recorded 27.8 mm, Thiruvananthapuram 12 mm and Visakhapatnam 24.2 mm.

Here’s a look at significant rainfall figures from the 30th of May, recorded by Skymet’s weather stations installed in Kerala-

30th May- Kulathoor in Thiruvananthapuram recorded 39.36 mm and Karadka in Kasargode 5.84 mm.

31st May- In Kozhikode, Perambra 24.88 mm, Koduvally 21.09 mm and Nadapuram 15.76 mm of rain.

1st June- Chendamangalam in Ernakulam district recorded 27.69 mm and Perambra 22. 09 mm.

2nd June- Kallar in Kasargode 34.29 mm, Chalode in Kannur 35.56 mm, Palickathode 16.25 mm and Mundathicode in Thrissur 51.8 mm.

3rd June- In Kasargode, Pallikara and Paivelige recorded 71.89 mm and 39.37 mm, respectively. In Kollam, East Kallada recorded 25.15 mm and Kulathupuzha 25.9 mm of rain. Other stations located in Thiruvananthapuram also received good showers in the last 24 hours.

Temperature profile also shows a dip in most of the places, as is expected with the onset of Monsoon. Southwest Monsoon will continue to bring rain in Kerala, Telangana and Karnataka but model data at Skymet indicates diminishing intensity.

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