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Tamil Nadu floods have caused damage worth Rs. 8481 crore

November 24, 2015 5:11 PM |

Tamil Nadu FloodsTamil Nadu floods have inflicted damages amounting to Rs. 8,481 crore across the state. This is what the state government has revealed. Chief Minister Jayalalitha has recommended Prime Minister Narendra Modi to release Rs. 2000 crore for relief and rehabilitation purposes right away.

Excessive and relentless rainfall has wreaked havoc across the state. State capital Chennai continues to reel under flood-like conditions. So far, more than 100 deaths have been reported in the region. Boats replaced vehicles in most parts of Chennai and other places in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu floods are being viewed as a serious natural calamity.

The magnitude of damage combined with the need for rapid repair and relief work calls for large scale monetary assistance. Jayalalitha governments has already provided Rs. 500 crore for relief work. In addition to this, PM Modi has also approved a relief package amounting to Rs. 940 crore for Tamil Nadu floods. However, the actual requirement is much higher than the pledged state and central funds.

Meanwhile, the armed forces combined with the coast guard, and other disaster response units are working tirelessly day and night. Rescue and relief operations have ensured safe passage to thousands across the state. But people caught in submerged areas continue to struggle as rains refuse to take a long break.

The forecast for Chennai isn’t too pleasing either. Although the intensity of rain is likely to reduce during next 48 hours, good rains are expected to make a return to the region on November 27. As a result, water levels won’t recede much and flood-like conditions are likely to persist.

While a part of the local population blames the government for their lack of preparedness, there are a few who blame the rain gods too. It will be interesting to see how the center responds to the state government’s demands. Meanwhile in Tamil Nadu, locals continue to pray for the rains to abate.

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