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Temp suggest that Telangana is witnessing cold wave condition

November 20, 2016 3:47 PM |

Telangana Cold Wave - 1

Most parts of Telangana are experiencing cold wave conditions as temperatures are below 4-5°C from the normal temperature. Sky is clear and cold winds from north and northeast direction are blowing over these areas.

During winters if and when the sky is clear then the long wave radiation increases due to the heat from Earth’s surface is released. This leads to fall in night temperatures. These two factors, clear sky and cold winds from north direction are responsible for the drop in temperature and we expect further fall in temperatures for the next 24-48 hours.

Whenever there is cloudy sky temperature tends to rise as the long wave radiation released from Earth’s surface during night time gets trapped between Earth and cloud. This leads to increase in temperatures.

Also another factor that increases the temperatures is when winds from southeast direction start to blow. That time night temperatures also tend to rise as these winds are warm and humid which are coming from Bay of Bengal.

As of now, cold northwesterly winds will continue for another 48 hours, therefore we expect cold wave conditions to continue for next 2 days.

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