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Thunderstorm And Hailstorm over Telangana, Three Days Activity Likely

April 6, 2023 3:10 PM |

State of Telangana has mostly remained dormant in the first few days of April.  Capital city Hyderabad and Mahabubnagar did receive short spell of thundershowers yesterday evening . Most other places observed just partly cloudy conditions without any significant weather. The state is likely to come in for some harsh weather over the next 2-3 days. 

Pre monsoon trough is extending from Chhattisgarh to Tamil Nadu, passing through the state. Also, the Bay of Bengal anticyclone off Andhra Pradesh and Odisha coast is fuelling moist air. Combined influence of these two features has created a convergence zone in the proximity of Telangana, Vidarbha and Marathwada.  Neighbouring sub divisions of North Karnataka, Vidarbha and Rayalaseema are the heat pockets with temperatures in excess of 40 degree. Extreme heat will also act as a trigger for infusing tall thunderclouds over the region.

Rain and thundershowers are likely over many parts of the state on 06th and 07th April. Weather activity will be accompanied with hailstorm at few places and will occur in the evening hours or later. Cities like Adilabad, Nizamabad, Jagtial, Ramagundam, Nirmal, Hyderabad, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda, Warangal, Karimnagar will be at risk of inclement weather conditions of strong winds and hailstorm. The remnant weather activity will even spill over the next day, 08th Apr, over the northern parts of the state. 

The rising trend of the mercury over the state will be checked with this wet spell. Temperatures are unlikely to reach or exceed 40degree over the next 3-4days.  Dry weather conditions are expected over the state, following this spell and stay good for the subsequent one week. 

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