Top 10 hottest places in India on Sunday

Top 10 hottest places in India on Sunday

10:30 AM

During the last 24 hours, hot and humid conditions were witnessed in most parts of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. However, a gradual decrease in temperature profile is likely due to abatement of heatwave conditions.

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At present, Banda in Uttar Pradesh and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan are the hottest cities in India with a maximum temperature of 42.4°C.

Here's a look at the other hottest places in the country:


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  1. Skymet

    Actually, the region with the most intense lightening includes Jharkhand, West Bengal, North Odisha and some adjoining areas. This is because Norwesters are generally experienced in these areas.
    Colours vary with changing atmospheric composition, which includes suspended particles, water vapour, gasses etc. Less or more of these make the colours vary at different times.

    Thank you
    Skymet Editorial

  2. Skymet

    1. Generally Delhi experiences about 3-4 WDs during this period. We cannot forecast the exact number.
    2. Yes, but there will be another bout of rainy/stormy weather in the later part of the month making the weather bearable for a few days again.
    3. Guidelines, as set by IMD appended below.
    4. El Nino is already existing, but we believe it will not cause adverse affects on Monsoon this year. Our forecast: Click Here

    The guidelines are followed for declaring the onset of monsoon over Kerala.

    CRITERIA:- If after 10th May, 60% of the available 14 stations enlisted, viz. Minicoy, Amini, Thiruvananthapuram, Punalur, Kollam, Allapuzha, Kottayam, Kochi, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Thalassery, Kannur, Kasargode and Mangalore report rainfall of 2.5 mm or more for two consecutive days, the onset over Kerala be declared on the 2nd day, provided the following criteria are also in concurrence.

    CRITERIA:- Depth of westerlies should be maintained upto 600 hPa, in the box equator to Lat. 10ºN and Long. 55 ºE to 80ºE. The zonal wind speed over the area bounded by Lat. 5-10ºN, Long. 70-80ºE should be of the order of 15 ? 20 Kts. at 925 hPa. The source of data can be RSMC wind analysis/satellite derived winds.

    CRITERIA:- INSAT derived OLR value should be below 200 wm-2 in the box confined by Lat. 5-10ºN and Long. 70- 75ºE.

    Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM)
    Southwest monsoon normally sets in over Kerala around 1st June. It advances northwards, usually in surges, and covers the entire country around 15th July. The NLM is the northern most limit of monsoon upto which it has advanced on any given day.

  3. Anonymous

    Thunderstorms and gusty winds ranging between 60-80 kmph has occurred at Bhadra(Rajasthan)

  4. Anonymous

    hi skymet..we are having cloud and little rains in chennai since last two days..what is this..premonsoon showers?..when monsoon will hit Tamilnadu?

    1. Skymet

      Yes, these are pre-Monsoon showers, and Monsooon will reach TN in the first week of June itself.

      Thank you
      Skymet Editorial

  5. Anonymous

    Dear Skymet, My query raised on May 12 @ 6.29PM was not answered. The query was-when will Mysore & Mandya regions enjoy its first monsoon rain this season. Thanks

    1. Skymet

      This region will receive Monsoon rain in the first week of June.
      We cannot give the exact dates right now so please check again around the end of May.

      Thank you
      Skymet Editorial

  6. Anonymous

    Chandigarh received two spells of rain yesterday (13-May-2015). Could you please confirm how much was the total rain Chandigarh received yesterday? Thanks

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