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Typical Spring Weather For Delhi, Rains Unlikely

March 15, 2024 12:43 PM |

Delhi has exited the sore part of winter and is gliding through the typical spring. Pleasantly cool mornings, tepid days and a slight nip in the air during the night have remained the hallmark of the departing phase of winters. A trail of western disturbance across the northern mountains has been keeping the heat under check. Soothingly cold winds from the mountain slopes, frequently snowing for the last month and a half, have kept the winter flavour intact. There is no hasty withdrawal likely during the month of March.

Both day and night temperatures have been staying close to the normal, with marginal departures. The maximum is hovering around 30°C and the minimum in the low teens, is very much within the desired comfort range. No major fluctuations are expected and mercury is unlikely to take a big swing. A smooth transition from the winters to mild summers to start with, is likely during the next 2 weeks. This change will be deftly manifested with a judicious mix of sunshine and clouds, over the next 2 weeks. Speedy winds, a precursor to the change, will become more prominent in the upcoming week.

Western disturbances are expected to keep marching across the northern mountains with a reasonable frequency. However, the severe effect is unlikely to spill over to the plains. Rain and snow will remain confined to the hills and the plains will have to contend with clouds and alternating wind patterns. A sheet of high clouds, with the potential to block the sharp sun, is likely in the coming days. Even the weekend commencing tomorrow will witness hide and seek of clouds and sun. Similar conditions will carry forward for some more days in the next week, as well. But overall, the pleasant winter flavour will shield Delhiites from the abrupt arrival of summer pinch, during the remaining two weeks of March. No rainfall is likely during the next week.

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