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Warm And Sultry Mumbai, Mercury May Breach Thirty-Five Degree

February 15, 2024 3:18 PM |

Mercury level is expected to rise over Mumbai and its suburbs till this weekend. The day temperature may cross the 35°C mark for the next about three days. The high degree of coastal humidity, coupled with above-normal temperatures during the day, may raise the discomfort index. Warm and sultry conditions in the forenoon and afternoon hours are likely till 18th Feb. Sea breeze during late hours of the day may still offer some relief. Late night and early morning will remain fairly comfortable with minimum temperature hovering around 20°C or less.

Capital city Mumbai generally observes land breeze in the night and morning hours. Temperature differential building up in the afternoon triggers sea breeze, anytime between 1-2 p.m., arresting any further rise of day temperature. There is some twist in the normal meteorological conditions likely, disrupting the routine flow of winds and therefore, the change of temperature profile.

A north-south trough along the coastline from Coastal Karnataka to South Gujarat is developing, anytime soon.  This is a little unusual feature at this time of the month. The trough will last for two days, 15th and 16th Feb. Another, unfamiliar feature in the form of an anticyclone in the lower levels of the atmosphere will stay in the proximity of the Konkan & Goa coast, over the Arabian Sea. This again, will alter the normal wind pattern. The inflow of winds from the land may get extended for longer than normal. The onset of sea breeze, therefore, may get delayed.

Mumbai has breached the 35°C mark, only twice during this month. The highest day temperature of 36.2°C was recorded on 03rd Feb. The maximum temperature yesterday at 33.2°C was 2°C above the normal. A rise of even two degrees, coupled with relative humidity in excess of 50% in the afternoon, amounts to feel like discomfort in the high 30s. The anticyclone off the coast will fizzle down early next week. Bay of Bengal anticyclone will get in place to pump moist westerlies, inland. The southwesterly flow will resume along the Konkan Coast and the mercury level may get back to normal, in the low 30’s, early next week.

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