Warm days ahead for Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur

Warm days ahead for Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Nagpur

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The minimum temperatures of many parts of Maharashtra are on a rise for the last four to five days. So much so that they increased by 4-8degree Celsius across most parts of the state

Initially, the continuous flow of northeasterly winds was keeping the temperatures down and many parts of the state were experiencing the winter chill during the early morning hours. However, now the rise in the temperatures have eradicated the winter chill in most parts, thereby making the days warmer.

For instance, as on January 7, Nashik’s minimum temperature was 4.9°C which jumped a few notches and settled at 12.8°C on January 11. Similarly, the night temperatures recorded on January 7 for Pune was 10.9°C which increased to 15.5°C in the last 24 hours. The minimum temperature as recorded by Mumbai’s Santa Cruz Observatory was 20.2°C yesterday which increased from 13.8°C as on January 7. The minimum of Aurangabad also shot up from 11.6°C to 14.2°C.

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As per Skymet Weather, the reason for this rise in the minimums can be attributed to the change of wind direction from northeasterly to southeasterly.

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As of now, the humid and warm winds from the southeast direction are blowing over most parts of Maharashtra leading to an increase in the temperature. A significant rise has been witnessed by Konkan and Goa and Madhya Maharashtra region in contrast with the Vidarbha and Marathwada region.

Similarly, the maximums in parts of the state have also increased by 3-4 degree Celsius.  Therefore, it can be said that the wintry conditions which were being felt until the first end of January have now vanished. However, winds are once again expected to change their direction in the next two to three days when both the day and night temperatures will fall again by 2-4 degrees leading to some comfort.

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