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Warm days, pleasant nights ahead for Mumbai, no unseasonal rains ahead

December 7, 2021 7:52 PM |

The city of Mumbai saw some unseasonal rains lashing the city a few days ago with the city already crossing rain records for the month of December. Temperatures dipped to quite an extent resulting in slightly cold weather on the rainy day.

However, now, it seems like the unseasonal rainy weather has come to an end, and Mumbai is heading for some warm days and pleasant evenings as well as mornings. The morning breeze will blow from the land which is an offshoot of the anti cyclone over Rajasthan region, cooler in nature resulting in pleasant mornings.

However, during the afternoon, the winds will change again, and sea breeze will start to blow resulting in warmer and humid weather through the day. Once again after about 8 pm, the wind reversal once again takes place thus differential of temperature between land and sea becomes less, as a result, the nights are quite pleasant.

During fair weather conditions, land breeze and sea breeze become very prominent for the coastal stations like Mumbai. Talking about rains, the city is not likely to see any more rains in the coming days for at least a good amount of time.

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