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Warmer Days Ahead For Mumbai, Mercury May Breach Thirty-Five Degree Mark

February 12, 2024 1:33 PM |

Mumbai has experienced warmer winters this season. Though, the financial city rarely sees extreme heat during February and the temperatures are generally contained in the high 30’s on a few days. The coastal city exceeded normal temperature by a huge 5°C on 03rd Feb and recorded a maximum of 36.2°C, the highest so far in this season.  Last year, the city exceeded the 37°C mark on 3 occasions with the highest of 37.9°C on 18 Feb 2023. The day temperatures are likely to rise during this week and may exceed 35°C and further rise during the fourth week of the month.

The day temperature is exclusively controlled by the timings of the sea breeze at Mumbai. The earlier the onset of the sea breeze, the lesser the mercury level. The onset of sea breeze becomes visible from February to April. The predominant gradient wind flow for the city is from the land during morning and forenoon hours. Accordingly, the surface temperature keeps rising till the reversal takes place due to differential heating. As soon as the sea breeze component arrives, a further rise of temperature gets arrested and some occasions may even find a little dip. From June to September, the coastline remains under the shadow of monsoon winds from the sea and therefore experiences nearly uninterrupted sea breeze.

Presently, a cyclonic circulation is marked over northern parts of Gujarat and adjoining Maharashtra and Southwest Madhya Pradesh region. Under its influence, the Konkan coast is drawing moist southwesterly winds from the Arabian Sea. The day temperatures have remained checked within normal of 31-32°C. However, this feature is likely to shift and slowly diffuse as well, over the next 2-3 days. Another feature as a trough/ wind discontinuity is likely to appear over and around the Konkan Coast. This also will be replaced by an unusual anticyclonic circulation in the proximity of the coastline. The change in the wind pattern is likely to alter the temperature profile after midweek.

Mumbai coast is likely to have easterly winds from the land for longer than usual during that period. The wind pattern will remain disturbed for the subsequent 3-4 days. The onset of the sea breeze may take place in the late hours of the afternoon. The mercury level may therefore rise above the normal by 3-4°C. As such, the proximity of the coastline keeps the humidity levels as high as > 85% in the morning and in excess of 50%, even in the afternoon.  Discomfort index may therefore rise and warm and sultry conditions are expected around midweek and later.

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