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Well Marked Low Pressure Area Over Arabian Sea: Unlikely To Affect Indian Coastline

December 14, 2022 2:31 PM |

Yesterday's low pressure area over Southeast and adjoining East Central Arabian Sea has moved westward over East Central Arabian Sea. On the predicted lines, it has become well marked and the associated cyclonic circulation is extending up to higher levels in the atmosphere. It is likely to move over central parts of Arabian Sea in the next 24hr and during that time it may also become a depression, drifting away from the coastline.

 Under the influence of low pressure, light rainfall has been observed along the West Coast, covering Kerala, Karnataka, Goa and Konkan region. The weather activity will continue today, though sparsely, and minimal thereafter. 

As the system moves over central parts of Arabian Sea, it is likely to weaken due to cooler sea surface temperature over that part of the sea. The temperatures will further drop over Western and Northern parts of the Arabian Sea. Well marked low will loose much of its steam by 16th Dec, while over the open waters. The system will get further diffused, the next day and seen as only as a trough  in the lower levels of the atmosphere. 

Most weather systems in the Arabian Sea during December have their origin over Bay of Bengal. This low pressure is a remnant of Cyclone Mandous formed over Bay during 1st week of Dec. These systems also do not intensify beyond well marked low or at best weak depression. The reduced heat potential disperse them further, when positioned well short of coastline of Somalia, Horn of Africa, Yemen and Oman. The following weather system, presently located over South Central Bay of Bengal in the equatorial latitudes may not even reach even this stage and move across extreme southern parts of Arabian Sea in the proximity of North Indian Ocean. 

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